2017 Summer Intensive Instructors

Mitsugi Saotome Shihan will be leading the instruction during the 2017 ASU Summer Intensive. In addition, many of Saotome Sensei’s long-time students will be guest instructors.

Our featured next generation of instructors includes:

John Messores from Jionjuku Aikido Academy of Warrior Spirit in Largo, Florida
Chuck Weber from Baltimore Aikido in Baltimore, Maryland
William Gleason from Shobu Aikido of Boston in Boston, Massachusetts
Wendy Whited from Inaka Dojo in Beecher, Illinois
Tres Hofmeister from Boulder Aikikai in Boulder, Colorado

ASU weapons class instructors include:


All of our instructors are committed to training as well as leading classes.

Ueshiba Juku

The Ueshiba Juku designation is awarded by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan to selected senior students and instructors in recognition of their loyalty and dedication to building ASU and promoting O Sensei’s vision.  It declares that they are not only true deshi (direct disciple) of Saotome Sensei and inheritors of his teachings, but are also part of O Sensei’s own school and pure lineage as only a true Uchi Deshi of O Sensei can recognize.  The status is indicated by special kanji worn on the formal Dogi of the authorized individual, and is an honor independent of specific rank or Shihan status.

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